How does the formation of a hydration shell cause a solute to dissolve? As an example, let's consider what happens to an ionic compound, such as table In the second last paragraph, it is said that NaCl dissociates in water that is understood but why does only after NaCl dissolves in water is it able to...
  • Salt, Ethanol and Isopropanol can pay key role in DNA extraction from blood and other animal and plant cell samples. Since DNA is insoluble in ethanol and isopropanol, the addition of alcohol, followed by centrifugation, will cause the DNA proteins to come out of the solution.

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    The freezing point of pure water is 0°C, but that melting point can be depressed by the adding of a solvent such as a salt. The use of ordinary salt (sodium chloride, NaCl) on icy roads in the winter helps to melt the ice from the roads by lowering the melting point of the ice.

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    To make a 1 M solution of NaCl, one mole of NaCl is weighed out on a balance. 1 mole = formula mass of NaCl = 58.45 grams The NaCl is then dissolved in water and the total volume (including the dissolved NaCl) is diluted to exactly one liter (1000 ml).

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    Answer (1 of 2): Nacl is a salt, so it's polar and then some, in that each pole has more than a partial charge. Gasoline is a hydrocarbon, so obviously non polar. Ethanol is polar, something you can check by working out it's empiracle formula's shape (C2H6O). Polar substances can be disolved in polar solvents, and non polar so with non polar.

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Does this table represent a probability distribution_ explain your answer.

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